Used Tandem Dump Truck Inspection

The checklist below will help you inspect used construction equipment for sale. The checklist is not a substitute for a professional inspection.  The checklist highlights items important to this specific type of equipment and is not comprehensive.  Never operate equipment without following applicable safety procedures. Do not operate equipment unless you are qualified to do so.  We welcome your feedback on our checklist.  Feel free to send us a note using the contact page.

  1. Cab:  Check the overall condition.  Are all the switches and gauges in proper working order? Note any broken glass, torn seats, or worn floor mats.
  2. Engine:  Engine inspection includes checking all vital fluids, drive belts and electrical systems. Be watchful for oil leaks and remember to check underneath the engine as well. Also check the radiator and inspect the coolant if the engine is cold.
  3. Under the Body:  Raise the body and check the powertrain and frame rails. Also check the lift cylinder for leaks and damage and inspect the bottom of the dump body for stresses or damaged support structures.
  4. Tires:  Note the age and general conditions of all the truck’s tires. Also look for uneven wear patterns, which can tip you off to potential front and rear suspension problems.
  5. Body:  Body inspection includes a visual search for metal fatigue and cracks, as well as a tailgate and locking pin assessment. Also make sure the body floor is smooth and that the lift hinge assembly is tight.
  6. Tarp:  Check tarp and tarp rack for condition and operation.

Tip:  Consider a truck history report from to spot title issues as well as history of accidents and inspections.