Used Rough Terrain Crane Inspection

The checklist below will help you inspect used construction equipment for sale. The checklist is not a substitute for a professional inspection.  The checklist highlights items important to this specific type of equipment and is not comprehensive.  Never operate equipment without following applicable safety procedures. Do not operate equipment unless you are qualified to do so.  We welcome your feedback on our checklist.  Feel free to send us a note using the contact page.

  1. ROPS:  Look over the tops and edges of the ROPS. Look for any angular dents that can alert you if the machine has ever been overturned, or vertical impact dents which are scars from loads being dropped on the roof of the ROPS.
  2. Engine:  Inspect the engine compartment for obvious oil leaks or signs of recent steam cleaning. Make sure the battery is the right size, check the oil level on the dipstick for cleanliness and the presence of water, and take a look at the air filter and air intake system. Check the exhaust system for leaks and make sure the engine radiator core is clean and leak free. Also check the hydraulic oil sight glass for cleanliness and water.
  3. Tires:  Inspect the tread depth of the tires. Note the overall tread condition, and confirm that all four tires match. Pay special attention to the sidewalls, inspecting for damage and overall strength. Check to see if tires are foam-filled.
  4. Chain Drive:  Inspect any chain-drive access plate(s) for excessive oil leakage. If you hear grinding or there is any hesitation when test-running the loader, you may have to remove these plates and inspect the condition of the drive chains or tighten them.
  5. Front:  Check the arms, linkage and hydraulic lines on the front of the loader. Look for any cracks along welds, which indicate machine abuse. Use your level to make sure the arms are straight. See if the joints and linkage are in good condition and have been greased recently.
  6. Boom Arms:  Are the boom arms and hydraulic cylinders straight? There should be very little or no sign of lateral movement and no paint cracks along weld lines. Take a level and place it along the edge of the boom arms to double-check their integrity.