Used Crawler Dozer Inspection

The checklist below will help you inspect used construction equipment for sale. The checklist is not a substitute for a professional inspection.  The checklist highlights items important to this specific type of equipment and is not comprehensive.  Never operate equipment without following applicable safety procedures. Do not operate equipment unless you are qualified to do so.  We welcome your feedback on our checklist.  Feel free to send us a note using the contact page.

  1. ROPS:  Check ROPS for dents or welds.
  2. Transmission:  Transmissions can be fully checked only by being operated. Does the dozer steer and brake properly? On clutch brake systems, feel if the machine brakes and steers left and right equally and thoroughly. With hydrostatic systems, in addition to the above, check for noise and vibration.
  3. Engine:  The engine compartment should be checked for signs of leaks, both below the engine, and around head gaskets and valve cover gaskets.
  4. Covers:  Examine the dozer for an excessive number of structural dents, and note any major welds. Both could be signs of abuse or severe-use applications.
  5. Hydraulic Cylinders:  Check all hydraulic cylinders for leaks, and note any dents or damaged areas on the rams.
  6. Blade:  On blades, make sure the unit is solid, without structural damage. Note any wear on the teeth or edges. Make sure there’s enough shim left protecting the structure. If blade face appears rippled, it may need to be reskinned.
  7. Push Beams:  Push beams are subject to a great deal of stress, and should be examined for any structural weaknesses (cracks) or repairs (welds). Make sure that any welds are done properly.
  8. Roller Frame:  Check roller frame for cracks and welds.
  9. Undercarriage:  Since the undercarriage is such a critical cost component of a dozer, consider paying for a certified inspection.